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- Chineseposters.net, a page all about Chinese propaganda posters, from before the People's Republic to the modern day. I use some of the posters in my collages... Here's some similar pages.

- Atlas Magazine, a super cool mixed media site from the mid-'90s showcasing artwork, photography, and a whole lot more. This is the winter of '98 homepage.

- Peter Murphy's Chord Generator, right on the tin. Generate chords in different keys, scales, and waveforms. Good for practicing theory, or when you're noodling around in a DAW.

- Gay Love Letters through the Centuries, love letters written by men for men, dating from the second century to 1960.

- "How To Build A Thinking Machine" by J.J. Coupling, 1950. A philisophical approach to designing a thinking machine. Includes an ad for George Orwell's "1984", which I think is a bit ironic.

- Tickcomics.com, a checklist for all of The Tick comics. My personal heaven, if you will.

- Chu Ishikawa's homepage(?), includes some neat samples from his one of a kind instruments, and information about the late composer. Hosted on the Wayback Machine, will be slow.

- Foetus.org, a site all about JG Thirlwell's various musical escapades, past and current. Very cool.

- Coil's page on "Brainwashed", I used to go on this damn page every other day of the week. An obligatory addition.

- Spannerman (NSFW) "A brief history of the State/Police prosecution of British gay men into adult consensual SM."

- Human Exposure to Vacuum, what would happen if you went into space without a helmet?

- Die or D.I.Y.? Need some tunes? Get some tunes.

- Official F-Zero X website, in it's old clunky glory.


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