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Yes... Welcome... I am writing this in a dimly lit room... I have been laying down all day because it's chilly... My dearest Misha kitty has been making weird meows... I do not know why I'm adding elipses at the end of everything. I think it a bit funny.
There's three things you should know about me first. One: I suck eggs at coding, two: I am a smidge out of touch, for I'm frequently told that I talk like a forty-year-old man, and three: I cannot write about myself for jack (lazy). The original bio I had written up was about my lockjaw and irregular breathing patterns. Instead, you can learn about me by utilizing the art of inferencing. The things scattered around this site is my trail of breadcrumbs left out for you, except the trail is cat shit and smells rank.
...But if you're the "tell, don't show" type, I made a lame about me that gives you a gist of who I am. Ish.

Perhaps, a word from our sponsors in these trying times?

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